About Us

The Arches Project is a creative space that unites a collective of talented individuals with one another and encourages the exchange of and development of knowledge and skills, increases aspirations, improves confidence and boosts self esteem, equips individuals with employability skills and enhances their wellbeing and feeling of being valued.

We aim to help transform the lives of others and we encourage everyone at The Arches Project to inspire, create and be the best they can be.

We have worked with a variety of organisations from across the public, private and voluntary sectors such as:

Our Vision

Our vision is to ignite the spark of creativity that exists in each and every individual and make it sustainable through establishing a creative space that will gain recognition and leave a legacy for future generations.


Through the nurturing of a mutually beneficial relationship The Arches Project will support all those involved giving all an opportunity to lay a solid foundation, continue to build and excel to greatness.


Being recognised in the world is a huge honour, but getting to the top requires hard work. We understand how hard it can be starting out and we are there every step of the way by providing creatives with a platform to showcase and sell their work.  We are also offering work experience and provide an opportunity for learning and making a positive contribution to the arts and music industry.  We are always recruiting for experienced volunteers.


To be known, honoured and cherished for years to come.  This will be our legacy.

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