Our Journey

Art’s all over the place

Metalingual by LeighWhurr 2019

Tye’s art exhibition 2019

2019 Hidden Talents

2019 Extraordinary Exhibition

2019 Hybrid – Chantelle Boyle

2019 A Balloon That Flew – Rodrigo Costa

2019 Student Exhibition Art, Design and Fashion

2018 Amaan Everything to Get Away Exhibition

2018 Footloose Giving Back to the Community

2018 Open Mic Night at The Arches

2018 JLR Giving Back to the Community

2018 Next Steps Performing Arts

2018 National Vegetarian Week

2018 Gospel Revisited Rehearsals 

2018 South and City College In Focus Photographic Exhibition

2018 Dance with Soul Kizomba

Dance with Sol Kizomba

2017 Hidden Talent Exhibition 

2016 Hidden Talent Exhibition

2015 Thirteen Art Exhibition

2015 Byron Bailey at Faith Ignite Concert

Byron Bailey

2015 Faith Ignite Gospel Concert

2015 Visit from International Star Bada

2014 Hidden Talent Exhibition

2014 The Arch Exhibition

2014 The Passage Exhibition

2013 We Are the Dream Charity Dinner

2013 Student Art Exhibition


Where our journey began in 2011 in a derelict space under 3 railway arches in Digbeth, Birmingham…

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