Flower Burst by Julia Baines

I love to work in strong colour bursts which shows the natural world at its best. ‘Flower Burst’ size A2 @ £300 (framed) (watercolour and ink) Only 1 Available.


Blue Flowers by Julia Baines

I love to work in strong colour bursts which shows the natural world at its best. ‘Blue Flowers’ size A4 @ £175 (framed) (watercolour and ink) Only 1 Available.


Samson & delilah by Dan Llywelyn Hall

Only 1 Available.


“Over the Horizon” Photograph

A4 Glass/Wooden Clipped Frame, ready to hang. Only 1 Available.


Sea Scape by Susan Walker

Brooding seascape which was produced over several months.The painting received critical critical acclaim established artists and was exhibited previously at Dudley museum and Art Gallery.


Carol Hulse

One of three chapters telling the story of Carols strength and positivity through painful lessons.


Unknown by Ashley Wakefield

The beauty of art is that it can speak a thousand words.


Manuela Kagerbauer

Manuela is questioning the emotional aspects of the disorder, as well as raising awareness regarding it. The metal octagonal tubes seen here are held in place by tension. When standing in front of them, one can faintly see a distorted self reflection in the stainless steel, allowing you to interact with them.


Boxing Hares / spray paint, acrylic and ink on canvas by Christelle Jones

A mashup-up of classical and street art.


City Hymns 1 by David Irish


Untitled by Luke Elson

I paint abstract because it is one of the most thought-provoking forms of art. At it's most basic it is just paint on a canvas or another surface, but has the power to grab the viewer, to encourage them to think, regardless of whether the reaction is positive or negative. it opens people up to a different way of thinking.


Skylines by Rosie Chell Faulknere

set of three blue and white porcelain thrownware. Inspired by water and sky views, the patterns are created from integrating the oxide into porcelain clay, prior to throwing shape. I then manipulate the clay to establish where I want the pattern to occur and how much of it I want present. I love throwing as it's very a very calming process, messy and hands-on. I designed these pieces to be simplistic in form to emphasize focus on the patterns themselves and the contrast in colour created by throwing process.


After Match Analysis by Ronnie Cashmore

The main thrust of Ronnie's art practice is normally based on abstract landscapes. However, of late, he decided on a temporary change of direction. " I decided to paint a volume of work based on the vivid memories of my childhood in the backstreets of Birmingham. Images of a time not so long after the Second World War. A time of smog, factories, flat caps, gobstoppers and gas works. A time of hardship, but also a time of community and togetherness.


The Human by Leigh Whurr

How do we know when we have control? My work confronts the notion of manufactured spaces as a language that inhibits our perspective. A 'simulacrum' refers to a scenario in which the representation has become indistinguishable from the reality, if only because it persists as our default environment. Surrealism is that desire to break free from mental captivity.


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