The Arches Project is a self funded not for profit organisation providing a creative space for creative people.  We are located under the railway arches in Digbeth, Birmingham and have been working with emerging artists of all disciplines since 2011.

We create opportunities for emerging artists, musicians and performers, promoting the fine arts and arts of all disciplines, to gain recognition, confidence and exposure to become employable within their chosen industry.

Our work involves engaging the unemployed, identifying and developing their creative talents and providing work experience to the unemployed to improve employability. We also help those with qualifications gain employment by refreshing their skills for those who have been out of work for some time.

We are a unique and exciting space that can support you with promoting your brand, building your portfolio, increasing your social media following and connecting you with an audience on your journey to success.

We have been building social values in the arts and music sector since we started, and we have hosted a series of exhibitions, theatrical presentations, music videos, short films, concerts, dance classes, private dinners, seminars, networking events, and open mic sessions.  Our space is available to hire and if you are interested please contact us.

A Balloon That Flew Solo Exhibition by Rodrigo Costa


“I used to sit inside an empty green round plastic tub, I had ropes which were to be used to connect this improvised basket to a balloon.  This balloon obviously never flew but I did.”

A balloon that flew is about repressed needs and feelings, those that have been deleted and/or reprogrammed by society.  It is about looking for and reawakening our purest, unstained self, through evoking a simpler era, a simpler being – childhood, a child.

Exploring alienation/ evasion/ obliviousness, pieces take form that exaggerate in scale the momentum childhood gestures and memories.  There is not a search for beauty and wonder but for questioning and liberation – how can childhood play inform, extend and disturb a socially-acceptable ‘adult’ and the world it was created in/from?

The exhibition is populated by diverse media (painting, sculpture, video, performance) that combines in overwhelming sets/ installations of odd DIY-like objects/ pieces which expand on the artist’s child-like mentality/ attitude – always busy, fuzzy, transformative and inventive.  These are ‘amateurish’ expressions that incarnate the fastness and fleetness so common to children.

Everything seems to be happening, everything appears to have been created – society exists drenched in utter boredom.  We have forgotten the basics, drowned the easiness and killed true will.  We have cut the ropes and popped the balloon.  Instead there is a choice to wrongly feed insecurities, rage, hate, egos and depreciation.  What this project proposes is a way out, a playful alternative to this reality, the reassembly of a new ‘balloon’.

Should we let our balloons fly?

Hidden Talents Exhibition

HIdden Talent 2019

Everything to Get Away Solo Exhibition by Amaan

‘Everything to Get Away is about the weird and familiar we all experience of the troubles of our emotions, I try to convey anxieties and coming to terms with memories and experience.  The dreamlike nature of memories and relationships is my main focus, the familiar and juxtaposed nature of life.  My art is a form of escapism and a means to get away.

My show went brilliantly it had an amazing turnout and thanks to The Arches Project staff.  It was a really good turnout I met a lot of new people and artists and got a lot of advice from artists and made plenty of sales as well. 

I love the space,  it let me create my exhibition in the manner I want to.  My next step will be exhibiting in official galleries. 

My advice to other emerging artists is to have confidence in yourself which is the most important part.’ -Amaan.

A big thank you to all our supporters who help us to keep going!


We are always looking for creative people to collaborate with. If you are interested, please contact us at admin@thearchesproject.org 

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