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Welcome to our first issue of Hidden Talents online quarterly Magazine, by the Arches Project multi-award winners of Central England Prestige Award 2020/21. This magazine is written by artists for artists and galleries, collectors, art lovers, and industry, showcasing amazing artists and creatives who are painters, textile designers, photographers, glass artists,  printmakers, food and nature who want the world to see and know about their talents.

Many of our amazing artists are going through their career with no recognition and very few people know about them and that they are available for work, commissions and to exhibit in their galleries, we are hoping that this magazine will help in gaining exposure on a global scale for our artists and creatives.

We would like for you to support our magazine in submitting your articles to be included and also to sign up for our subscription and in doing so this will enable our magazine to grow and develop further in the UK as well as on a global platform, giving artists and creatives the exposure they need to gain recognition worldwide.

Multi-award winners of Central England Prestige Award 2020/21 The Arches Project in Digbeth Arts Quarter, Birmingham is a not-for-profit organization run by, and for the benefit of artists, creatives, and designer-makers throughout the UK and abroad. Over the years we have enjoyed extensive media coverage including Central TV, Sky, and local newspapers. Our success story for 2019 is Jacob Chandler. Jacob was commissioned by Telford Council to do a sculpture which is displayed at the entrance to Telford Shopping Centre.

“Dreams do come true at the arches project!..”

Have a look at one of our incredible artists journey with The Arches Project and into the world of art! it all started here at our Hidden Talent exhibition, sign up to exhibit now!


Arches Project is a self funded not for profit organisation providing a creative space for creative people.  We are located under the railway arches in Digbeth, Birmingham and have been working with emerging artists of all disciplines since 2011. We create opportunities for emerging artists, musicians and performers, promoting the fine arts and arts of all disciplines, to gain recognition, confidence and exposure to become employable within their chosen industry. Our work involves engaging the unemployed, identifying and developing their creative talents and providing work experience to the unemployed to improve employability. We also help those with qualifications gain employment by refreshing their skills for those who have been out of work for some time.

We are a unique and exciting space that can support you with promoting your brand, building your portfolio, increasing your social media following and connecting you with an audience on your journey to success. We have been building social values in the arts and music sector since we started, and we have hosted a series of exhibitions, theatrical presentations, music videos, short films, concerts, dance classes, private dinners, seminars, networking events, and open mic sessions. 

                                                            NEVER LET IT BE SAID 

                                       THAT TO DREAM IS A WASTE OF ONE’s TIME,

                                      FOR DREAMS ARE OUR REALITIES IN WAITING.

                                                        IN DREAMS, WE PLANT

                                                     THE SEEDS OF OUR FUTURE.

 You can download our brand new app available on the app store and google. Keep up to date with exhibitions, artists, workshop, book our venue all whilst on the go. And now you can even advertise yourself on it too by visiting Our App which is located in the search bar. Below is the link to us in the App Store and Google Play store.

We are always looking for creative people to collaborate with. If you are interested, please contact us at 

A big thank you to all our supporters who help us to keep going!

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